Humate Supreme™ is specially formulated to promote maximum healthy growth of cannabis plants. Our tablets are derived from a natural mined organic material called Humates, and contain humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids, and over 70 beneficial minerals, that are natures plant food.

Our products have a powerful "synergistic" growing impact, while being very eco-friendly to both the soil and crop. Humate Supreme serves as a soil conditioner and focuses on the development of strong root systems with root zone feeding. Each tablet is semi-water soluable and release it's compounds slowly into the soil to feed the plant for 30 days. Unless you've actually tried Humate Supreme™, it's hard to imagine how well it works.

For Healthy Cannabis Growth try:


Humate Supreme for Healthy Cannabis Growth

Humate Supreme™ contains trace amounts of NPK which boost the tablet to a complete stand-alone plant food product. Humate Supreme™ is a "fertilizer" by definition and comes complete with all the NPK and trace nutrients needed to grow the plant to maturity. With Humate Supreme™ we highly recommend against adding any additional nutrients. If visual examination, or petiole analysis, indicates additional feeding is required, just add another tablet. When using this product in a hydroponic system, use the hydroponics for watering only.


For Organic Cannabis Growth try:


Humic Acid Plus for Organic Cannabis Growth

Humate Supreme™ Humic Acid Plus plant food tablets contain no added NPK making these the perfect Organic Plant Food for your plants. These tablets are more of a soil amendment than a fertilizer; however they can be used as a stand-alone feeding program if you desire a more natural organic chemical free growing program. You can also use these tablets along with a feeding program that includes other added nutrients, including NPK.

Humate Supreme™ Humic Acid Plus can also be used in hydroponic systems, by placing the tablets in any growing medium with the seed, or cutting, and feed the additional nutrients hydroponically. Remember to reduce the application rates of the added nutrients by 50%-65%.

Whether you go organic only, or add in some extra nutrients, the plant will receive the full benefit of the humic acid and 70+ nutrients in the tablet, along with the beneficial synergism and bio-life building properties of the humate base.


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